After Sales Service

We're all about honesty and service… so your relationship with us doesn’t end with buying a vehicle.

Not only do we sell quality cars, we provide  motor finance solutions, vehicle insurance solutions and assist you with making the informed decision required when buying a car. We'll get you as close to the amount you want for when you trade in a car or sell a car, depending on the market related trade in value. We service cars whether you buy a car from us or not (make a booking now). And if you did purchase a vehicle from us we’ll be in touch with you often, checking how things are going, and letting you know closer to the time, when you can bring in your car for a service. We don't just sell Xenon HID Lights for cars, we install it as well and for those DIY buyers, theres a simple-to-install conversion guide. We have constant specials on DVD GPS units for cars which are now coming out with internet access.

Making sure you are taken care of is what we do... Isn't that what service is about?