Financing my car

Financing your vehicle

So your quality pre-owned car requires financing...

calculating vehicle finance solutions that fit your budget is what we do best.

Do you qualify for finance?

  1. Are you a South African citizen?

  2. Do you hold a valid South African Drivers license.

  3. Are you permanently employed?

  4. Do you have a clean credit record?

Answering yes to all these questions means you qualify for financing your vehicle. Fill out the form to the right and one of our experienced vehicle finance consultants will contact you and ensure the process is easy for you

Did you know that the bigger the vehicle deposit or the sooner you pay, the less you have to pay the bank in interest fees?

We'll help you get the most out of purchasing your car, from selecting the car to insurance, finance and of course the after-sales service we provide.

It is exciting looking for a car, but without the careful consideration required to make this important financial decision of purchasing a car, there are some that end up regretting it further down the road... so to speak.

Here's a great tip when looking to purchase a car

  1. Select the car with a budget in mind. Know what your expenses are per month and what you can afford. Life happens and circumstances may change so it's always a good idea to make sure you have extra on hand for emergencies.
  2. Put down a bigger deposit. Did you know that the bigger the deposit or the sooner you pay, the less you have to pay in interest fees.

Vehicle Amortisation - how much can you save on repayments?

Amortisation is the "paying off of debt in regular installments over a period of time". The regular installments inlude the interest, but the interest is calculated on the current owed amount.

So you will save a lot of money in the long term, by paying a larger deposit or adding more to the monthly or paying over fewer years - check out our handy Vehicle Amortisation Calculator (use ONLY as a guide)

Lets say you buy a car for R 100 000 (see the results of amortisation below)

  60 months at 12% interest 36 months at 12% interest
Deposit NONE R 10 000 R 20 000 NONE R 10 000 R 20 000
Finance Amount R 100 000 R 90 000 R 80 000 R 100 000 R 90 000 R 80 000
Monthly Repayments: R 2 224.44 R 2 002.00 R 1 779.56 R 3 321.43 R 2 989.29 R 2 657.14
Total Repayments: R 133 444.66 R 120 100.20 R 106 755.73 R 119 538.63 R 107 584.77 R 95 630.90
Total Interest Paid: R 33 444.66 R 30 100.20 R 26 755.73 R 19 538.63 R 17 584.77 R 15 630.90
Here's an idea of what you
could save on interest alone
R 3 344.46 R 6 688.93 R 13 906.03 R 15 859.89 R 17 813.76